Task logger is a software with basic functions to track what is done on a computer in terms of keystrokes, clipboards and screenshots. These 3 types of data are more than enough to understand what happens on your computer in your absence and is an essential tool if you want to monitor, for example, what your children, your wife/husband, or your employees are doing.

Keystokes Tracking

It provides complete details of each key and passwords typed by the user along with information such as last login time, application & username.


The software works in a hidden way (it is not even visible in task manager) and it is also possible to set a password for its opening


Task Logger automatically creates screenshots of what is happening on your PC. It takes screenshots of computer screen at specified intervals and/or when a change is detected on the desktop

Clipboard Monitoring

An essential computer monitoring feature for Windows is the cability to view what has been copied by the user (clipboard). Task Logger is able to do that.


All data (both textual and images) are saved in a log file (saved in a hidden folder on the PC) and easily accessible from the program and n

Free Download

This keylogger is available for download in a completely free version (compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10 and Windows 8)


Click the button below to download the free demo version of Task Logger. After downloading, proceed with the installation.

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Software 100% Virus Free!


Keystrokes logger

Keystrokes logger

Screenshots logger

Desktop screenshot logger

Clipboard logger

Clipboard logger


Task Logger is very simple to use. Here are the steps you need to follow to activate it and monitor the activities done on your computer.

Step 1: Download and install the app

Before downloading to ensure the functioning of Task Logger we recommend to temporarily disable Real-Time Protection of Windows Defender. To do that select Start and type "Windows Security" to search and open Windows Defender app. Go to Virus & threat protection, and then click on Manage settings. Switch Real-time protection to OFF.

Then download and install PC Task Logger from this link

This is the main screen you will see after installation:

Note 2: A desktop shortcut will not be created after installation. To open the program you will need to access the C:\Program FIles (x86)\tsk folder and then double click on the tsk.exe file

Step 2: Check Settings

Click on Settings button to open a windows where you can check some tracking options

Run ad Windows Startup: allows you to automatically run the app when Windows starts

Hide the tray icon: this option is very important to make the app invisible (it can be checked with the PRO version only)

Hot Key: this is the key combination that allows you to open the app once it is hidden and invisible

Password (optional): you can set a security password that will be asked when you open the app

Screenshot section: here you can set when the screenshot should be captured by the program (at regular times or even when a change is detected on the desktop)

Step 3: Start Logging (monitoring)

Click on START button on the top left of the program to start the monitoring.

From this moment on, the program will record all the keystrokes typed on the computer, take screenshots at regular times and track all data copied to the clipboard. if you try to type something you will notice that it will be captured in real time by the program. All the keys typed will appear in the central screen of the program with also the indication of the application in which that text was inserted (it could be the browser, or notepad, or a messaging software such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. .)

By accessing the Screenshots section you will be able to see images of the desktop and have further information on what has been done on your computer

By accessing the Clipboard section you will be able to see all data that the user copied and pasted onto the computer

Step 4: Hide the program

Once you have verified the correct functioning of the program you can make it invisible and let it work independently. To hide it, just click on the icon at the top as shown in the following figure:

Note: This function si available only in the PRO version of Task Logger. To make the program appear after it has been hidden, you need to press the CTRL+ALT+A keys at the same time

Step 5: Check logs

When you want to view the logs and tracked activities, all you have to do is open the program (or press CTRL+ALT+A if it is running in hidden mode) and access the desired section. All logs are also automatically saved to a hidden folder on your PC. To access this folder, click on the "db Logs Archive" button at the top right



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Task Logger is a professional keylogger software available in a FREE version and a PRO version


  • Keystrokes logger

  • Screenshots

  • Visited Websites

  • Stealth mode operation



  • Keystrokes logger

  • Screenshots

  • Clipboard logger

  • Visited Websites

  • Stealth mode operation


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